The Carnival is driven by the joint efforts of the Jefferson High School PTSA and Middle School PTA groups along with Campy’s Blue Star Amusements.  This year marks the 5th season we will be bringing this event to Jefferson Township which serves as a major fundraiser for both PTA groups welcoming about 300-500 attendees each night.  Our Carnival represents a large part of the budget for both PTAs.  The monies raised at this event goes right back to both schools in the form of events, speakers and support items for our teachers and students.  Every student will benefit in some way!  

The Carnival is held from Wednesday May 29th – Saturday June 1st  Rain or Shine, on the fields behind the Jefferson Township Middle School at 1000 Weldon Rd Oak Ridge, NJ 07438.  Cost for a 10x10 Merchant Space is $25 for each night on Wednesday and Thursday and $50 for each night on Thursday and Friday.  You many choose which nights you would like to participate.  Your contract and non-refundable payment must be received by us on or before May 1st.    

Electrical outlets will not be available so please plan accordingly. Booth locations will be determined by THE Carnival staff and are not subject to change. 

Overhead canopies are recommended.  They will not be supplied by THE Carnival but you may provide your own.  Canopies must be securely staked and weighted.  

Admittance to THE Carnival will be each night from 4:00pm – 5:00pm and will be met by one of our representatives.  We require that all your equipment and vehicles be secured on the grounds by that time and that you be finished setting up your booth and be ready for customers by 6:00pm each night.  

All garbage and recyclables must be disposed of in the proper dumpsters which will be provided by Jefferson Township. All signage and displays may not obstruct neighboring displays or project further out than 3 feet into walking areas. 

You will be required to park all vehicles in the assigned parking areas provided.  Your vehicles will only be allowed onto THE Carnival grounds until 5pm.  If you arrive after 5pm you will need to walk your merchandise to your table.  

Please read the attached contract carefully, complete and return it along with your payment by May 1st. 

Please contact Christine Favata at 973-229-3885 with any questions or concerns.


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