In 2015, Mr. Lipton and Mr. Hayzler spent many hours over the summer cleaning up the courtyard (located between the A & C wings) at the Middle School.   Now that the weeds and overgrown plants are under control, improvements  to the area have been made.   We now have hummingbirds, Koi fish, frogs and a turtle!  

At the end of the 2015-2016 school year the PTA was able to donate $500 to help assist in this effort.  Our donation was used to purchase stone to further improve the area.  

This year we also donated $500 in order to purchase new picnic tables and umbrellas for the students to enjoy!!

If anyone is interested in donating funds or materials

to help with this on going endeavor please contact

the PTA - or call Dina at 973 663 6737.